University of New England, Portland Gallery

University of New England, Portland Gallery
The Numbers Game curated by Hilary Irons
June 7-October 13 2024

Opening Reception: Friday, June 7, 5-8 p.m.

Mathematics is the foundational, abstract system we use to find order in the world and in theory, by examining the workings of numbers. For artists, processes such as measuring, counting, segmenting, and responding to symmetry are methods that grant numbers a primary place in the studio. In this exhibition, we explore the work of six women who are using mathematics as part of the creative process, creating works that range from spare and geometrical to radiantly crystalized to biomorphic.
Artists include: Grace DeGennaro, Lynn Duryea, Emily Hass, Meg Hahn, Munira Naqui, and Alice Spencer.

UNE Art Gallery Portland: 716 Stevens Ave, Portland, ME 04103

Gallery Hours: Thursday-Saturday 12-5 p.m. or by appointment; Please contact Hilary Irons for more information: