Welcome to collections of my work currently available for sale. I generally work in series, which you can see in the various collections. I like to find titles for my pieces that are both nouns and verbs, to suggest an action as well as an object.

My work is inspired by and makes reference to many kinds of structures in a variety of scales. These range from letters of the alphabet to industrial and architectural elements, including tools and implements. My intent is to refer to these structures rather than replicate them. A visit to the process section of the artwork tab on this site will give you a sense of my construction methods.

All of the clay components are slab-constructed terracotta, finished in low-fire oxidation. Each piece is fired at least twice. The unique surfaces are generated by means of layering: of multiple glazes or glazes applied over liquid clay slips. Other materials are noted where used. All dimensions are height x width x depth.

Please contact me if you would like more information about the work. In some instances, I have additional images or views of a piece that can be sent via e-mail. If you are interested in visiting my studio to see the work in person, I am happy to arrange an appointment.

Shipping notes: You will be charged for shipping in a separate transaction based on your location and type of shipping used.