the photographs


Complexity and richness exist in the apparently straightforward. A sense and memory of place and object are rich resources for my work. For over 35 years, I’ve been using a camera to record images of structures and surfaces that intrigue and interest me, in situations both familiar and new.

I’ve long realized that there are particular forms and concepts that have manifest in my work over the years, emerging and re-emerging over time. It’s interesting to see how dock pilings photographed in 1977 relate directly to the stacked clay and steel sculptures I’m making today, how the surface of a wall in Medina, Texas I saw in 1986 looks like the surface of my current work, and how a building photographed in Ohio relates directly to my work in metal. I’m not necessarily thinking consciously about these images as I work. They were recorded because I found them compelling, and as my work has developed and matured, the connections between what I’m doing today and what I’ve been looking at for years is increasingly evident.

digital images made from 35 mm slides; print versions available @ $120 each
dates are when original photographs were taken